RF Thunderstorm

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Thunder
Gender: Female
Color: Brindle
Birthday: October 2, 2019
Sire: Gable Sour Cream
Dam: RF River
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Thunder just retired to AFG after 104 races!  

Thunder is a sweet, independent hound. She loves attention and will stand near you for pets but will go lay on her bed if you’re busy. She will play with toys but is also content sleeping near you. She is a confident girl who knows what she wants but is very easily correctable. For example, she saw the other dogs go on the couch and snuck up there one day. She did not look guilty and did not want to get off, but hasn’t gotten back on since I told her no. I’m sure she would love to be a couch hound. She also looooves food and will do pretty much anything for it.

Thunder has been good around the other animals in our house, although she definitely likes her own space. She does not care about the cats at all, mostly ignoring them. She gets along with the other dogs but will let them know not to go into her space. She is good with the other dogs if they respect her boundaries, and will even sleep with them and play with them sometimes. However, it’s likely that she would be a good only hound as well, as she doesn’t need to follow them.

Thunder is a sweet, loving girl who is fine doing her own thing. She is confident and outgoing but doesn’t need to be around you all the time. The best way to sum up Thunder is that she’s a cool dog.

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