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Pet Name: Louise
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: 04/03/2019
Cats: Not Cat Safe
Sponsor: For our fellow needlenoses awaiting a soft cushion of their own from your Texas cousin Gigi and AfG alum Willie (and their parents Dave Gillen and Lois Teed-Gillen).

Louise just retired from Australia with no races under her belt. She is a sweet little girl and would be the life of your bar-b (party). Are you looking for a great little Aussie?

Louise is a small greyhound, but she has the biggest personality. I think she’s a Unicorn because she’s very independent but also likes to snuggle. She’s a big love bug with a goofy personality and guaranteed to make you laugh. You’ll often find Louise snuggled up in a dog bed, but her favorite place is on the couch next to her human. Whether she’s just near you, or being held like a baby, she’s just as content hanging out in her crate. She loves being told she’s a good girl.
While Louise isn’t cat safe, and probably small dog safe, she would do well in a home with another greyhound (or dog her size) but would be perfectly fine as an only dog.
Nicknames: Lou, Lou Lou, Little Girl
What does Louise do best?
Louise does great on walks. She’s always ready for her walks and stands completely still while you put her harness on her. She’s still really interested in the squirrels, rabbits, and birds on our walks, but does fantastic with correction Leave It and Let’s go.
Louise is not food aggressive. She’s very polite and patiently waits in the sphinx position until it’s time to eat.
She doesn’t mind getting her toenails trimmed or getting brushed. Sometimes she’ll fall asleep. She doesn’t mind baths, either.
She sleeps through the night
She’s smart! She’s learned to Stay, Are you Hungry? (Breakfast/Dinner), Leave it, Let’s Go, Go Night Night, Go lay down, and her favorite (is a tie) Do you want a cookie? (treat), and let’s go for a Walk.
What’s Unique about Louise?
Louise has a mohawk that’s always standing and starts at the top of her ears and ends between her shoulder blades. She also has long, beautiful eyelashes.
Louise often lifts her leg to pee on walks.
Louise often crosses her legs while she’s standing, it must be an Australian thing.
She likes to give hugs, but we are working on that
She loves sunbathing in the yard.

Louise Foster Profile