O Ya Game On

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Gamer
Gender: Male
Color: White & Black
Birthday: June 20, 2020
Sire: LK's Vespar
Dam: O Ya Rocket
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: For our fellow needlenoses awaiting a soft cushion of their own from your Texas cousin Gigi and AfG alum Willie (and their parents Dave Gillen and Lois Teed-Gillen).

Gamer has come into retirement with 53 races under his muzzle. Could this  handsome fella be the one for you?

Gamer is a sweet cow dog. He is content to stand next to you, getting pets from you all day long. He is eager to please and wants to do anything to make you happy. He loves toys and playing by himself or with other animals as well, but he is definitely a people dog. He will go up to almost anyone and try to get pets but is content to settle down on a nice dog bed with a squeaky toy, too. He is a big gentle giant with soulful eyes.

Gamer is good with both dogs and cats. He initially was curious about the cats, but now basically ignores them unless they’re doing something really interesting. He likes to play with the other dogs but doesn’t need to follow them around all of the time. He likes his toys and sometimes doesn’t like to share, but corrects extremely well. Since he aims to please, he learns what he should and shouldn’t be doing pretty quickly and is very correctable.

Gamer sometimes struggles with incontinence. Some days, it can take him longer to pee and sometimes he has trouble knowing when he has stopped peeing, trickling a bit. He also typically needs to go out more frequently (e.g. once every few hours, although he is usually fine overnight in his crate). We have found that giving him a low dose of trazodone  combined with a low dose anxiety medication and keeping a belly band on inside (he usually doesn’t wet it, although he infrequently has accidents, but the pressure helps) seems to work well. He can go for days to a week or more with no issues, but they may have a string of bad days. 

Gamer is an incredibly sweet, caring boy. He wants to do what you want him to do, but also has a little spunk and play in him as well. He will play with toys and shower you with kisses and attention.

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