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In Foster Home
Pet Name: Cassie
Gender: Female
Color: Red Fawn
Birthday: February 17, 2017
Sire: Wheres Pedro
Dam: Quick Succession
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Cassie raced 108 times in Australia and is happy to leave it all behind for a spot on your dog bed. 

Cassie is a confident but laidback girl. She knows what she wants and, most of the time, it’s a couch or a dog bed. She is perfectly content to lay on a couch all day long and never get up. She also does love to play with toys- that’s her only break from her routine. She will get up, stretch, play like crazy for 10 minutes, and then go lay back down again. Cassie is the definition of a couch hound.

Cassie is a laidback girl and doesn’t seem to fear much of anything. In new situations, she is happy and never afraid (although her Australian paperwork does mention that she wasn’t a fan of kangaroos). She plays well with the other dogs. Her only problem is that, since she’s so chill, I think she assumes they are as well, and she is very willing to walk on them, lay on top of them, or steal their toys without a thought about boundaries.

Cassie likes attention and to give kisses. She likes to be in the same room as you but doesn’t need to be your shadow. She’s always happy to get pets and give kisses, but will also happily lay down. Whether or not you can get her back up again to go out is a different question.

Cassie is a laidback, friendly, confident dog who just wants to give all of the love and lay on all of the couches. If you have couches and pets for her, she’d love to see you!

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