Smooth Brinkley

Pet Name:Brinkley
Bridge Date:3/9/2016
Color:White & Brindle
Sire:Jimbo Scotty
Dam:Primco Bird Eyes
Submitted By:The Day Family

Smooth Brinkley — 5/10/2008 – 3/9/2016

Today we said goodbye to a sweet, gentle soul. We recently discovered Brinkley had a large mass in her abdomen. After further exams and consultation with an oncologist, we decided there was nothing more we could do. We said our goodbyes, then allowed her to cross the bridge.

Brinkley, you were our boomerang girl: the foster that got away but returned to us. We are so thankful you spent your final years as a member of our pack. Run pain free Binky Jane. We’ll miss you.

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