Rennie is a new girl who came all the way from Australia with 55 races down under to her name! We are still learning more about her so check back for more information! 

Pockets recently flew in from Australia! This fluffy boy was in 21 races down under. We’re still learning more about him so more information will be added soon! 

Sam recently flew to us from the great country of Australia! We are still learning about this youngster so keep an eye out for more information! 

Madara just retired from running down under in Australia without any races.  She’s still new to AFG so more info coming soon!

Louise just retired from Australia with no races under her belt. This sweet black girl is a new transplant from across the ocean so more info will come once we know more!

Durwood just recently retired from Australia after a short career of only 3 races.  Durwood recently flew across the ocean to get here and we’re still learning about him so more info coming soon! 

Clyde just recently retired to AFG from Australia after 35 races under the sun. This soulful boy recently flew in so more info on him will be coming soon!

Billy just retired from Australia after 51 races.  Billy is new to AFG from down under so we’re still learning about him- more info coming soon!