XB Snapper

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Gwen
Gender: Female
Color: Red
Birthday: October 11, 2017
Sire: SH Avatar
Dam: DS Zumba
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: In loving memory of Bacio (JW Kiss)

Gwen has turned in her race muzzle after 82 magnificent races.  She is still new to us here at AFG and we are getting to know her better.    Could this shy little girl be the one for you?   

Gwen can be reserved and uncertain of new people and situations at first but don’t let that fool you! Once she is comfortable, watch out because she will run through your house at the speed of light playing with one of her many favorite stuffed animals! She gets along with the other greyhounds in her foster home and has even been known to get a play riot started amongst the pack. She can be a true party starter! She does great in her kennel when her foster family is away for work and eats her breakfast and dinner in there, too. In the warmer months, she can be found lounging in the sun in the fenced in yard with her dog friends.  She would likely thrive in a home that does not have a lot of hustle and bustle as she does get anxious around loud noises and quick moving people and seems to believe that if she can’t be the one making all the noise, then nobody can!

Gwen did experience a spontaneous, post-anesthetic/surgical bleeding episode after having a small laceration repaired on her side which required a couple weeks of observation and treatment by veterinarians. This should not deter anyone from adoption, however, will need to be taken into consideration for any and all future surgical/anesthetic procedures.


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