XB Dr Phil

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Phil
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Birthday: July 31, 2015
Sire: Dragon Fire
Dam: Vogo Licorice
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: In memory of my dad Phil who always loved my greyhounds. Pat

Phil has retired after an rip roaring 145 races!  Phil has recently been returned to AFG through no fault of his own.    Phil will need to live in a home with another dog; he likes the company.  He is also learning how to share…he doesn’t think that he should have to, but he is learning otherwise. 🙂  Phil will need some structure and know the rules….as most rambunctious children do.  Could this wonderful happy hound be the one for you?

This boy is an easy going, laid back guy that wants a family to love him. He is at that wonderful point of not too velcro but not too independent. He is bouncy happy coming out of his crate in the morning and can get a little spunky and bouncy for love and pets. He doesn’t’ try to get on furniture but loves having a bed close by to you. He enjoys interacting with the other hounds and may prefer to have another dog in the home.

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