WW Row Bye Row

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Row
Gender: Male
Color: Red Fawn
Birthday: May 17, 2015
Sire: Flying Man of God
Dam: WW Headliner
Cats: Correctable
Sponsor: Waite Family with WW Headliner (Hedy)

Row has waltzed into retirement after a eye popping 243 races!  Row is still new here to AFG and we are getting to know him better.  His mom, WW Headliner, has found her home through AFG and littermate WW Marlow Kim.  Could this doe eye fella be the one to race into your heart?

Row has settled into foster care nicely. He has been getting along well with the female hounds he shares his foster home with. He likes to run around the yard with our girls and plays nicely without getting too rough or rambunctious. In the house he has been a real gentleman and has great manners. He is curious, but has not really gotten into things or tried to chew on things. He lives for being given squeaky toys and will make it squawk for as long as you let him! He also loves to throw toys into the air and can even catch them mid-flight. He is a really fun boy and at the same time likes to be quietly petted. Row sleeps well at night on a dog bed in the bedroom. We’ve had to work on him waiting for his turn with treats. He has not shown aggression, he has just become a little overzealous and has jumped up some because he gets so excited. Row is pretty eager to please and corrects well. He seems to prefer a quieter environment, but is already doing better with the typical, noisy household objects and likely will just need continued time and exposure to get more comfortable with the things that are new to him. He really is a fun, happy, sweet boy!

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