Wonder Boy

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Wonder
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Birthday: March 5, 2018
Sire: Dyna Double One
Dam: Money Maid
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Wonder has retired after 46 heart thumping races.  He is still new to us here at AFG and we are getting to know him better.  Could this superhero save your day?

Do you like kisses, and snuggles, and play time? My name is Wonder Boy and these are all my favorite things. I am an outgoing guy who loves everyone. I want everyone to give me pets and loves. Don’t worry I’ll give you lots of kisses in return. I like to go for walks, chew on bones, and play with soft toys (squeaky toys are the BEST). I do get a little mouthy when I’m really happy to see you but I don’t use the teeth. If I chomp a little it’s always the air. When I’m not giving kisses and snuggles, I’m happy to chill out in my bed and chew a bone or take a nap. I get little bursts of excitement from time to time, but I’m starting to embrace the retired life and have settled down quite a bit. I am very curious about new things and want to try them all.

I’m getting a good handle on retired life. I’ve figured out how to not potty in the house. I’m good at the stairs and on smooth floors. I don’t mind if you clean my ears, brush my teeth, or clip my nails. I even don’t mind to have a bath. I really really like to be brushed, especially with the stiff brush. You can keep my fur nice and neat. I also don’t mind a car ride. I hop right in. It means we are going somewhere fun with new people to pet me. Right now, I am very curious about figuring out which things I can put in my mouth and which things I cannot. I like to bring you stuff. I have brought my foster parents a pillow, their cell phone, and I even picked out a DVD I wanted to watch. But I’m learning that apparently, I don’t get to pick the movies and I shouldn’t be picking up other household items. I don’t tear them up or chew on them usually, I just carry them to my bed or to a person as a gift. My foster parents think that some of this is for attention and because I am getting used to home life, so I will probably stop in a new home. I’m very good in the crate. I don’t mind if you leave me and I don’t mind sleeping in the crate in the bedroom at night. I’d also be perfectly fine in a doggie bed. The only time I woof is if I get done eating and I would like to be let out. I really like food but I have gotten much better about begging. I do currently eat from a slow feeder so I don’t get too many burps.

I live with several other dogs, greyhounds and non-greyhounds, I like them and I would make a good doggie brother. I do like to do zooms with the other dogs and try to snuggle the other dogs from time to time. But I would probably be perfectly happy as the center of attention. More pets for me! I also live with four kitties. I would very much like to know what they are doing so I don’t miss out on anything exciting. They do not ever invite me to hang out with them and make angry noises at me when I try to be their friend, so I will have to settle with the occasional hello sniff. I don’t live with any little humans, but I have met some and I think I would be a great family dog. I would love the attention and the active lifestyle. Because I’m a little mouthy very small children might not appreciate my love. I would be happy in practically any home as long as I get snuggles.

If you want an affectionate, outgoing, curious, derpy boy, I may be the hero you are looking for.

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