What Doin

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Andy
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Birthday: July 25, 2017
Sire: Defrim Bale
Dam: PJ Just A Dream
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Jack & Brandon Ford - Teich :memory of Ozzie.

Andy has skipped into retirement with 6 whirling races to his credit.  He is still new to us here at AFG and we are getting to know him better.  Could this whippersnapper be the roomie you are looking for?

Hi my name is Andy and I’m a sweet, silly, playful guy. I may act a little reserved when I first meet you, but I promise if you give me a few days, my goofy, outgoing personality will come out. Once I settle in, I will be the best buddy to you and your dog(s). I really like toys (especially bones), going for walks, and getting pets. I’m generally a laid back guy, but I do like to play with other dogs and get excited when fun things happen (especially if food is involved). I’m a very happy boy who is open to trying new things especially if I have a friend to lead the way.  

I live with two greyhounds and two other dogs and I get along with all of them great. My best doggie friends are a lab mix and a young greyhound, so I am open to having any dog as a new best friend. I like to run zoomies with them and play with them outside (okay sometimes we play inside even though we aren’t supposed to). I like to snuggle them too. I will need another dog in my new home to keep me company when you have to go out. I love all dogs so any dog will do.  I also live with these delightful little furballs called cats. I like to give them a little sniff sometimes and they don’t mind. They never make angry noises at me because I am nice to them. They come up and rub on me sometimes too. I do not live with any kids, but I have been able to meet a few and I really like them. I like them to pet me and give me attention. I am very gentle with them and curious about what they are up to. 

I go to the back door and paw it if I need to potty. I am a good boy in my crate and go right in especially if you have a treat. I get a bit excited to get in when it’s dinner time and when I wait for my turn to be let out, but otherwise I just relax in the crate. I sleep in a crate in the bedroom at night and go right into it by myself when we go to bed. I might need a little boost into the car, but I am a very good boy in the car. I just sleep the whole car ride. I don’t mind if you mess with my feet, brush my teeth, or clean my ears. I’m good on stairs and on smooth floors. I like to go on walks and am a good boy on a leash. I have no issues with space or food. I LOVE the food, but I don’t mind if someone tries to share with me. I am very easy to correct, so even though I am still learning a few house rules (like remotes are not bones) if you tell me “NO” or “LEAVE IT” I learn very quickly. I’m also a people pleaser, so I’m eager to do what makes my humans happy. Between my love of food and making you happy, I bet I could learn a lot of tricks if you wanted to teach me. I need more practice but my foster family is teaching me to wait, sit, and lay down. 

Is your dog looking for a playful, goofy partner in crime? Are you looking for a quirky friend too? I might be a great addition to your family 

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