T’s Doc Antle

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Antle
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: July 7, 2018
Sire: Flying Fired Up
Dam: Flying Caboose
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsored in loving memory of Flip (Nitro Flipside). ❤️

Antle has rolled into retirement with 10 high stepping races to her name.  Antle has recently returned to AFG.  She is looking for a household that is a little bit more active…even in her retirement.  She’s not ready to be lazy just yet.  

Antle is a playful, spunky young girl. She loves running in the yard, watching you cook in the kitchen, and cuddling with the other hounds. She has a bit of a mischievous streak but makes up for it with kisses.    Antle loves discovering new toys (or things that look like toys) to play with and likes to collect them on her bed. She can enjoy a good nap session and then go run in the yard for 15 minutes. She is a curious dog, and wants to see what you, the cats, the neighbors, and the car outside are doing. Antle is always fun to be around and will put a smile on your face!

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