T’s Charlie Tuna

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Charlie
Gender: Male
Color: Fawn
Birthday: April 20, 2016
Sire: Flying Hydrogen
Dam: Flying Rainelle
Cats: Correctable
Sponsor: In memory of our Rusty boy (Daring Scurry)

Charlie has retired in 2019 with 83 heart pounding races!  He is also the Winner of the 2018 Southland Ness Sechrest Middle Distance Consolation.  Charlie has recently been returned to AFG and we are learning more about him at this time.    Could this winner be the hound for you?

Charlie has been in a foster home for awhile now. He is a good boy with a couple quirks.
I do crate him while he eats since he is in a home with 3 others. Meals are usually after having outdoor time. He has charged at other dogs at meal time…so when they come in everyone stays muzzled til they are in their place. If he is an only dog he would be fine.
He does get jealous when attention is paid to another dog…and with push his way in for some loving too. You could be cleaning doggy ears and he would be like…ok, its my turn now.
Charlie is my 1st grey who is very ticklish on his lower back and his back legs…he dances around when his get tickled..he is learning how much fun it is playing with a soccer ball when you kick it to him..
Charlie is not a cuddler…but does love neck scratches, ear rubs, and occasionally will give a kiss on the cheek…
He is not crated but does well in one. He enjoys sleeping on his big pillow next to my side of the bed. He does not care to be bothered while on his bed..He is not allowed on any furniture…he is like my little shadow and will follow you anywhere…

Please don’t pass up this greyt guy because he was a return. Just because the last home did not work out for him…does not mean he is a bad dog…he just has not found his right fit..
With structure, patience and a confident owner…Charlie would make a greyt companion hound.

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