SE’s Rozel

In Foster Home Prison Dog
Pet Name: Rozel
Gender: Male
Color: Red
Birthday: January 20, 2016
Sire: Pat C Sabbath
Dam: Demo Classy
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Much love Izzy and Wilson

Rozel has ridden into retirement with 132 Southland sand stomping races under his collar.  He’s a new retiree we are still learning about.  Rozel has recently retired from The Greyhound Inmate Experience with a brand new certificate!  Could the accomplished retired racer be looking for you?

Rozel is an excited and loving boy! He loves to be in the hip pocket of anyone who will give him pets. He loves when visitors come over! Meeting new people is his favorite thing. He also loves stuffies, balls, and nylabones.
Rozel is a very quick learner and adapts well to change. He learned how to go up and down the stairs in about 3 days. He is currently regaining confidence with the stairs because he did take a tumble and got scared. Nothing else really scares this big guy! He walks great on a leash and does fine wearing a muzzle. He has no problems staying off of the furniture, but would love it if he were ever invited up.
He loves to use his tricks that he learned from the prison program to earn yummy treats! Rozel crates very well whenever he’s asked to. The manners that he is currently working on are not begging at the table and not begging for more pets when a guest is done giving them. Overall he gets the hint in both situations after being redirected a couple of times.
Rozel does amazing with kids and has been very good with the other greyhound in the house. He always ignores the neighbor dogs that like to bark at him. He does get jealous if another dog has a toy or food and he doesn’t, so toys are only out with supervision. He doesn’t mind at all if people have toys or food when he doesn’t, though. He hasn’t shown a hyper side with the other dog in the house, but was definitely ready to play when kids were over visiting.
Overall, Rozel spends most of his day snoozing and snuggling. He is such a sweet and handsome boy!

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