In Foster Home
Pet Name: Soprano
Gender: Female
Color: White & Brindle Tick
Birthday: April 10, 2019
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Soprano has kicked rocks and headed into retirement early to find a home.  She is here with her brothers, Tenor, Bass and Alto.  Could this pretty princess be the one to steal a place on your couch?  Soprano does respect the fence, but she can jump a 4ft fence with no problem.  She has gotten much better in her foster home about not jumping, but she is so nosy…that she will bounce a little to see over the privacy fence.  She has no issue with a picket fence, again, because she is a nosy neighbor.  🙂

Soprano is turning out to be a very sweet and adorable girl. Being a “farm dog”, where she did not go through her full training or having a race career, she hasn’t quite figured out that she’s a greyhound. Given her age she is very much a puppy at heart. The puppy side can be exhausting at times, but she provides a lot of fun whether tearing through the yard and diving into the kiddie pool, chasing after balls, playing with toys in the house, and egging on the other hounds to play. It’s much like chasing after a toddler that is learning to experience the world by putting everything into their mouth. Taking blankets? Check. Stealing pillows? Check. Seeing if she can fit the couch in her mouth? Check. Washington Monument? Check. If she can get her mouth on it she will try and run away with it. Her calm side is very loving and affectionate. She enjoys coming up and putting her head on you for attention, is happy to be your shadow and follow you around, and just enjoys being around people. Although she can be a bit protective of her food and grouse a bit, she otherwise gets along great with all of the other hounds in our house. Our own greyhounds are all older now, so it has been a bit of adjustment, for hounds & humans alike, to get accustomed to having a younger hound in the house.

A word on fencing: we do have concern that she could potentially be a rare fence jumper. We have a shorter privacy fence that is just under 5’ tall. Being outside, loud noises such as semis or motorcycles, can be off-putting to her and she wants to go back in the house. When she hears other noises, such as dogs in the neighborhood barking or kids playing, she can’t stand not being able to see what’s going on. Despite the concerns of being a jumper we feel she would be okay with a 4-5’ picket fence that she could see through. It is not being able to see what she hears that tends to bother her. Otherwise, she would be better off in a yard with a privacy fence that is 6’ or taller. In either situation she is one that would always need to be monitored when out in the yard.

At times Soprano feels more like a regular dog than a greyhound, but as she matures and grows out of the puppy stage she will take on the laziness of being a greyhound (legal disclaimer – we make no guarantee this will happen). She has a great heart and gentle soul, and she will provide a lot of love and entertainment to the family she finds her forever home with. Hounds like her can be a bit of extra work in the beginning, but in our experience it just makes the bonding process better as you get to know all their quirks.

Soprano Foster Profile