RJ’s Hodor

In Foster Home No Cats No Small Dogs Special Needs
Pet Name: Hodor
Gender: Male
Color: White & Black
Birthday: April 27, 2015
Sire: Djays Octane
Dam: RJ's Coulda
Cats: Not Cat Safe
Sponsor: Joanne Bultman

Hodor just retired to AFG after 17 races!  Due to a race injury to his left rear leg, Hodor is looking for either a home that leash walks or a home with a very small yard.  Lots of hard impact exercise will just exacerbate his injury. Even though he can’t run hard like the other hounds can Hodor loves going for walks!  He’d make a great walking companion for any serious walker!   He is a new retiree we are still learning about.  Could Hodor be the hound for you??

Hodor is a very charming dog and his inquisitiveness makes me laugh on a daily basis. He seems to have a sunny outlook on life and does not exhibit fear of new things. He LOVES to be with his people and be petted/get belly rubs. He prefers to be wherever his people are, but does not panic if you put up a gate or go down to the basement without him. He is very good about not begging and goes to lay down when we eat. If you leave food unattended and within easy reach, however, he may help himself. He does need to be leash walked and potties well on leash. He currently walks 1 mile at a time twice a day, but less if it is hot out since he does not handle heat well. His leash walking skills improved tremendously within the first few days and he’s a great walking buddy 90% of the time. But if he encounters a small dog, cat, squirrel etc., that high prey-drive kicks in and you need to be strong enough and prepared to deal with a 72 lb whirlwind. Hodor is a very special boy who will take over your heart if you give him a chance and will thrive in the right situation.

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