RF Paco

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Paco
Gender: Male
Color: Red & White
Birthday: December 30, 2017
Sire: Chasmo's Dutch
Dam: Superior Megryan
Cats: Not Cat Safe
Sponsor: In loving memory of Zack, our special big guy

Paco retired after an astonishing 81 races. Could this hunky hulky hound be the one for you? Paco is a big, burly, loveable guy. And by big we do mean big…he clocks in at 80 lbs. and is one solid boy. Despite his size he does his best at trying to be a lap dog. He is a very handsome guy with a ton of love to give. There are times where he can be persistent expressing his love, so you pretty much have to stop what you’re doing and give him the attention he needs for a moment. But is that really such a bad thing?

He has settled into our pack quite well and is getting along with our own hounds. Paco definitely enjoys and wants to be the center of attention, so if he goes into a home with another hound it will be important to teach him early on that the other hounds come first and then he will get his turn. In time he will figure out the order of things. He has a big personality and could take over a home unchecked, but he is also a big softy that corrects easily and knows when he has done wrong. Paco loves hearing his voice and wants all to hear him.  An apartment environment probably would not be to his liking or the neighbors. He would be perfectly fine being the only dog living a quiet life along with his human, or he would be equally as happy with an active family on the go. Paco does enjoy activity!  He would love to go on long walks, hikes and just being active with his humans…specifically the ladies.  He loves alllll women! (don’t worry guys…he’ll still love you too) 

Of all the knives in the drawer he is not the sharpest, of all the light bulbs in the room he is not the brightest, but what he lacks in some common sense he makes up for in affection. He has that personality of being a big dumb football player that may have had some assistance passing his tests in school, but he has a huge heart and really wants to be a companion dog. Paco adores people and more than anything wants to be by your side as much as possible.  His eagerness may take some taming the first few weeks, but if you’re patient with him you will be rewarded with an endless amount of love. Paco is the very definition of Velcro. He is stuck on you for all the right reasons. Give this big hunk a chance.  He has alllllllllll the love to give. 

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