In Foster Home Requires Fence
Pet Name: Seth
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Birthday: December 20, 2020
Sire: Seldom Told
Dam: Windy Maddie
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Seth has come to AFG with no races to his credit.  He is still to us here at AFG and we are getting to know him better.  Could this shy, but sweet fella be the one for you?

Seth is very skittish even with just his single foster mom in the home, so it’s has been difficult to get a read on his personality.   He’s a very well-mannered boy, he crates well and doesn’t potty in the house. He needs a yard to potty in. His leash skills are improving but I haven’t taken him on a walk yet. We’re working on him letting me walk him to and from the car/house with a loose leash and without him flipping out. It’s probably been about 3 weeks since his last big freakout on leash.   If you can touch Seth then he stops and lets you hug him or do whatever you need to do, for example (hugs/pets/medicine/nails etc, he’ll let you do about anything to him. he’s too freaked out to react most times).   There is definitely enjoyment in getting hugs and really leans into them ❤ He is  very sensitive and submissive,  so Seth needs to be handled gently (but not babied, which is a difficult balance).   Seth likes to play with toys and chew on things, he’s getting better at playing in front of me… but is showing improvement.   He loves his foster siblings and his favorite thing is to play in the yard with them.
***Previous Greyhound Experience Will Be Required to Adopt Seth***

Seth is in foster care.  More info coming soon!

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