Racy Pippa

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Pippa
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: July 15, 2017
Sire: Bella Infrared
Dam: Princess Bula
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Pippa has come into retirement after 93 lightning fast races.  She is still new to us here at AFG and we are getting to know her better.  Could this dark haired lady be the one you are looking for?

Pippa is a little spitfire of a girl! She loves to squeak toys and will frequently climb into bed with one of the other hounds and merrily squeak in their face. Squeaky toys are her favorite and she surprises herself by squeaking them sometimes (she doesn’t always seem to know where the sound comes from!). She is outgoing and bubbly. If you allowed her to, she would climb into your lap and loves nothing more than to come up and get attention from you. She’s not velcro but will come over when you’re relaxing and look up at you with her adorable eyes to get belly rubs.

Pippa is curious and active. She does not constantly need to be active and will lounge for hours if you get a chance but is always the first up to see what is happening. She loves to run and play with the other dogs. She would love to be someone’s boss but is also okay with getting into line behind other dogs. She is a goofy girl who has a ton of personality and spunk. We call her Pip Squeak because she is a pint-sized girl who will quietly whine at you to get your attention. She is not a fan of taking no for an answer but still learns things quickly.

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