PG Rhythm Rose

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Rose
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: 09/02/2009
Sire: Rhythmless
Dam: CHC Mommas Meg
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: With love from Allen Lexi and Joanie!

Due to some changes to her owners circumstances, Rose has returned to AFG through no fault of her own.   She is a sweet, reserved older lady who is used to being an only dog, but is adjusting to have some other hounds to share her space with.   While in her home of 4 1/2 years,  Rose had some previous dental work done that has only left her four canines; she doesn’t have the best genetics for teeth.  Rose does have a grade 3 heart murmur, but that has not caused an issue in the past even with all of the dental work she has had done.  The lack of teeth hasn’t diminish her love of eating!  She gets very excited about breakfast AND dinner time.   Rose crates beautifully during the day, but doesn’t mind curling up on dog bed with comfy blankets at bed time.

Rose truly is a sweet girl and had to be returned at no fault of her own. Being an older gal she enjoys the quiet life. She can be reserved at times if she’s unsure of what’s going on. Get her outside and she’ll run around like a 2 year old wanting to play. Given that she was the only dog in her former home she does appear to have enjoyed being the center of attention. She’s unbelievably quiet in the house and you can hardly tell that she’s there. For a senior she has a lot of spunk left in her but she’ll do best in a home that wants to have a quiet companion.





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