Oshkosh Russell

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Russell
Gender: Male
Color: Red
Birthday: December 22, 2020
Sire: Need My Moneynow
Dam: Oshkosh Fired Up
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available
  • Russell has come into retirement with no races to his credit.  He was recently returned and is ready for his new home! Could this handsome kid be the one for you?


Russell is a laidback, affectionate boy who loooooves his humans. If he could, he would crawl into your lap and just get pets all day, even though he’s a big dog. He loves to play with toys, too, but humans come first. He gives tons of kisses, tail wags, and cuddles when you’re nearby. He is sweet, happy, and laidback.

Outside of his people, Russell (or Ruffles, as we have nicknamed him) loves toys as well. Balls, squeakers- it doesn’t matter. He will step on them to see if they squeak and throw them around the house. He likes playing with other dogs as well, but is fine keeping himself occupied. As long as you’re not petting him anyways. Be careful though- Russell has a flare for the dramatic. If he steps on a bone, he will act like the world is ending and start to limp (but be fine two minutes later).

Russell is good with cats and finds them fascinating. He wants to do what you want him to do, so he will listen to correction. He is great on leash, following right next to you instead of trotting ahead. He is always happy and loves doing anything with you- walks, play sessions, or just sleeping on a bed in the same room.

Russell is an affectionate, loving boy who wants to be by your side and giving you kisses. He is always happy and always ready with a cuddle

Foster Profile – Oshkosh Russell

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