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In Foster Home
Pet Name: Miranda
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: 05/24/2013
Sire: Trent Lee
Dam: Tai Chi Magic
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Miranda just retired to AFG after 48 races.  Whoever adopts this little lady is going to be one lucky family! Miranda is an absolute sweetheart who loves to be with her people at all times. She is a bit energetic and likes to get out and run with her foster siblings, but after she’s had her 5 minutes of play time, she is very content to curl up on her bed and nap for hours. It took her a few days to figure out this “retirement” thing, and she spent a lot of time pacing and panting around the house. After she discovered her dog bed and realized that this was her new life, she has settled in well to retirement and her tail has yet to stop wagging! She is also a “nester” and will find blankets and other things around the house to bring to her little “nest” that she makes for herself. She never harms anything, just carries it, it is absolutely adorable! If you are looking for a sweet, happy, goofy, cuddly girl, Miranda may very well be the perfect dog for you!


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