NB’s Excalibur

In Foster Home Prison Dog
Pet Name: Cali
Gender: Female
Color: Brindle
Birthday: December 25, 2015
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey
Dam: NB's Classic Cat
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Cali has slid into retirement after a whopping 86 fast paced races to her credit.  She is still new here at AFG and we are getting to know her better.  Cali is looking for a family all her own.  Could that be you?

My name is Cali and I’m an outgoing girl looking for a home with lots of snuggles. I’m very happy and always have a wagging tail and a smile on my face. I’m a relatively laid back girl who would like to spend her days lounging around with her people. I’m not allowed on the couch in my foster home, but would happily join my new family for snuggles if you want. I was part of the prison program so I know how to sit, lay down, shake and several other commands. I respond to NO or Leave It very well. My foster family helps me to practice all my commands. Treats really help me to remember them. Even though I’m pretty chill, I’m no lazy bum. I do get a little excited when fun things happen like walks or dinner or when you get home. I also really like to go for walks and do well on a leash. Toys are fun for me and I like to play with soft squeaky toys as well as chew on bones. I also really like to get into the kiddie pool and will plop right in to cool off.

I live with some other dogs (greyhounds and non-greyhounds). I enjoying doing zoomies and hanging out with them and will even snuggle them in the dog bed sometimes. I also live with some kitties. I might approach a kitty to give them a little sniff to say hello but I mostly leave them alone. I know to avoid the teefs and scratchers when they do not want you to play. I don’t live with little humans, but I have met a few and I am very gentle with them. I would be happy living with another dog, kitties, or children (or all of the above), but would also be happy as an only pet. More love for me.

I have no space or food issues. I do get a little grumpy if another dog tries to take my toys but I don’t mind if humans take them from me. I am a good girl and potty outside and don’t mind if you mess with my feet, brush my teeth or clean my ears. I am a very good girl riding in the car. I just lie down and relax. I also don’t have any problems going in my crate. I may protest a little when you first leave but I do calm down. I did have to adjust to the stairs, but I just needed a couple days to practice. Now I do well. I also don’t have any problems with smooth floors.

I am an affectionate, outgoing, happy-go-lucky girl. Could I be your next best friend?

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