In Foster Home
Pet Name: Nakia
Gender: Female
Color: White & Brindle Tick
Birthday: May 13, 2017
Sire: JD Titanium
Dam: Money Maid
Cats: Correctable
Sponsor: Midland friends Pat and Roland

Nakia has skidded into retirement with 82 jaw dropping races.  She is still new to us here at AFG and we are getting to know her better.  Could this faster than fast girl be the one you are chasing?

Nakia is a truly loving hound with a big heart. She adores her people, loves giving hugs & kisses, and loves being loved. There’s a lot of youth in her as she can get worked up when it’s time to play. Whether chasing after toys, trying to do zoomies in the house, or barking at the other hounds to get them to play with her. The other side of her is very gentle and loving. She would be absolutely fantastic for a family with kids and would thrive in a busy household. That isn’t to say she wouldn’t be just as happy with a single person or couple. As long as she gets to love on somebody she will be content. She’d likely do okay in an apartment. When she’s worked up she can be a bit vocal but doesn’t take a lot of effort to get her to stop.

Unfortunately most are skipping over her when they see that she has corns. Yes, they can be annoying to deal with, but there are far worse ailments out there. We have been giving her a bath with some Epsom salts in the water to let her feet soak. To keep her busy we let her lick on her personal peanut butter jar. We have also had her wear booties if her feet ever get to bothering her. It might take a bit more work to have her as a pet, but she’s got such a great personality that the extra effort is worth it.

We have really enjoyed having Nakia as a foster. She’s one of those good all-rounder kind of dogs. Playful one minute, quiet & loving the next. Just a great personality that wins people over easily.

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