LK’s Alreadygone

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Kissy
Gender: Female
Color: Red & White
Birthday: July 4, 2015
Sire: Lk's Instigator
Dam: Lk's Mystifier
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: The Crosbys

Kissy just retired to AFG after 59 races!  She’s a new retiree we are still learning about.  Could Kissy be the hound for you??

Normally we wait a few weeks before doing a profile for our fosters. Kissy gets a lot of attention because she is a super cute little thing and has a lot of interest, but on her in-homes she hasn’t been the most outgoing. We wouldn’t call her a shy dog, but she isn’t extremely outgoing either. Kissy has been a bit of an odd duck for a greyhound. There are times where she really wants your attention and tries to play, and other times she’s hangs at the back of the pack and keeps her distance. But, it always seems that her tail is wagging and is happy. We haven’t had her in our home for very long so we do think she’ll continue to warm up to us (and her forever family) given some time. 

Kiss can be a fun little girl and she can get worked up playing with her toys, and she tries to play with our Beagle from time to time (though the Beagle isn’t so receptive). It seems that she’ll just need some time to get comfortable with you and she’ll come out of her shell more and more. 

One of her “odd duck” things is that she can be quite vocal and almost through a temper tantrum when she has to do something she doesn’t want. Most days she’ll go into her crate with no fuss. Other days she doesn’t want to and will literally fall down on the floor crying. Once she realizes she doesn’t have a choice in the matter she’ll go in without any further fuss. Because of her vocal talents, and other random times when she sings the song of her people, we do not recommend an apartment life for her. Despite her singing talents being mostly short lived we’re fairly certain neighbors won’t appreciate her skills. The other thing to note is that we are not sure how she will do as an only dog. She definitely enjoys people and seems indifferent to being with other hounds, but with her sometimes-shyness there is potential that she may not do well as an only dog. Unfortunately with our pack we can’t really test this out but will have to continue to watch her and see how she does. 

Having said all this we’re not trying to talk anyone out of Kissy as she is a very sweet little girl. If you’re looking for a more quiet and laid back companion then she’ll do well in that role, but if you’re looking for a social butterfly she’s not the gal for you. We will update her profile in the coming weeks as she continues to settle in.

Update 11/1/18:

Little Miss Kiss has really come out over her shell in the past few weeks. It took her a good while to get comfortable with us and gain her trust, but once she did she’s become a fun little shadow to have. Toys & bones have become a regular for her and she loves to get worked up while playing with them. She’s become much more playful with us as well. Most of our pack is a bit older and not as playful as they used to be, but she tries to get them going in the yard. Kissy doesn’t have a dominant personality and definitely wants her people over other dogs, but she’d do well in a house that want somebody to play with. 
Things that haven’t changed: She still sings the song of her people often when she goes in her crate or you leave her alone while you go upstairs/downstairs. Even if there’s another human with her she can get vocal that she can’t get to the other person. Because of these things we still feel that she would not be suitable for an apartment. Most of her yips/barks aren’t long lasting, but in an apartment environment it likely wouldn’t be welcome. 

In the beginning we were a little unsure of her, but she’s really come around and been a lot of fun to have. We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a bit of a resent when she goes into a new home and adjusts to her new family, but once she does you’ll find a super fun and loving girl inside. 

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