Kiowa Wish Wanda

In Foster Home Prison Dog
Pet Name: Wanda
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: 07/30/2013
Sire: Kiowa Wish Frank
Dam: Kay A'lexus
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: In memory of Sparty Leonard - such a good boy!

Wanda has recently been returned to AFG through no fault of her own.  Wanda retired to AFG after 134 races and after graduating from The Greyhound Inmate Experience in 2017.   We will post more about Wanda as we learn about her.  Could Wanda be the hound for you?? 

Wanda has made a very easy transition to our home and routine even following her return from being in a home for over a year and a half. She has adjusted well and generally seems to go with the flow. She is very well mannered except for a little jumping when she gets excited. She corrects quite easily. She did go through the prison program a few years ago, but is pretty rusty on many of her commands. She will sit, shake and lay down, but sometimes gets so excited for the treat that she rushes to do just about any trick just to get it. Wanda is very quiet and I’ve not heard her bark or whine. She does enjoy affection and petting, but is not a real in your face, demanding dog. She is content to lay quietly on a dog bed in the same room as the humans or sometimes in another room if other dogs are taking up the dog beds in the room. She has not attempted to get on any furniture. 
Although we have 3 greyhounds of our own and she has not really been alone in our house, she was an only dog in the home she was returned from and reportedly did well being an only dog although it is not known how much time she spent alone. Hounds are crated while they are in foster care and Wanda has had no issues with this even though she was not crated in her previous home. If her adoptive family decided not to crate her, she would likely do fine after given a little time to adapt to her new home. She has not attempted to chew on anything she shouldn’t or take any food items off the counters or table. There was some concern Wanda might have some allergies in her previous home with itchiness and fluid in her ears, but I have not seen that at all since she has been in foster care. She had been fed a lamb and rice based food in her previous home and has been on a beef and rice food since she has been in foster care so any allergic reactions may have been food related. Therefore, it would be recommended that lamb food and treats be avoided.
Wanda has been a real gem to have in our home. She has a very sweet, easy going disposition. She can also be so cute and silly sometimes. When she wants attention or gets excited about something, she will play bow and shake her head from side to side in the cutest way! She would likely be a good choice for the first time greyhound owner since she has undergone some changes in her living circumstances, but has taken in stride fairly easily the new schedule and routine she has had to get used to in foster care.

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