Kay Ogden

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Kay
Gender: Female
Color: Brindle
Birthday: 02/20/2011
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey
Dam: Kiowafilmfortune
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: For all the greys in Allies for Greyhounds care, from your Texas cousins, Duncan and Gigi.

Kay has recently retired to AFG after retiring as a brood mother to 12 puppies!!  She is now ready to find a home to truly retire in and become a pampered pet!  Kay does occasionally limp on a rear leg of hers due to an old toe injury.  Her limping is more significant on pavement or gravel but she walks well on smooth or soft surfaces. She’s super well-mannered and will be happy if you leave dog pillows around the floor so she can move to see you but also be lying down and comfy as she follows you around. She’s a smiler, especially when she has just done something out of excitement that she isn’t supposed to do (like play a little hard with another dog). She loves other animals and people, but a lot of new ones at once can be overwhelming. She loves to play and go for walks and runs, and she’s happy to sleep or calmly play with her toys or watch you while you relax after her dose of exercise. Overall, she’s an amazing dog who would do great with anyone willing to work with her cute broken toe and 3-legged gait. 

She is a fun loving girl to have around. we are struggling with keeping her off the couch because she really wants to sleep with her head in your lap. She is always very excited to see you and has a wagging tail and she has an adorable smile. She also smiles a lot if she has been yelled at, just like she is saying sorry. She does the stairs better than any other grey we have had. I thought her toe may slow her down or prevent her from doing things the others do. It has not done that at all. I hardly notice unless she is on cement type surface. It doesn’t seem to cause her any pain. She really just acts like it feels funny and as she is running or playing she just lifts that foot sometimes like a hop.



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