In Foster Home No Cats Prison Dog
Pet Name: Chixen
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: April 4, 2017
Sire: Djays Octane
Dam: BS Got Speed
Cats: Not Cat Safe
Sponsor: The Francis Family. In loving memory of our boy Chuck (Killer Yale)

Chixen has turned in her race muzzle after 44 fast paced races and after graduating from The Greyhound Inmate Experience.  She has recently been returned through no fault of her own.  Chixen will need another dog in the home she chooses to call her own.  Could this spunky Chixen be a companion for you? 

Chixen has been a fun girl to have in our house. She definitely has a puppy personality despite being 3 years old, and she’ll keep you on your toes from time to time. There are days where she’s so go-go-go with her toys that we have to put her in a crate to remind her that she’s a greyhound and is supposed to be lazy. She is a full-fledged toy-coholic. Lots and lots of toys & bones will help keep her entertained. Having that puppy personality also carries over to going out to pottie. She’ll likely need more frequent turnout (initially at least) to get into a routine. Because of that we think she would do great in a home without a fence to help her fall into a turnout routine all the quicker. Luckily we have not had any issues with accidents in her crate, and she can go a normal workday without issue. It’s when she is amped up and playful that she seems to need a quick bathroom break before it’s time to lie down. The longer she’s been with us the more we’ve seen her shift to the retired life of our other hounds.

Slightly older kids would probably be better for her, more because she’s so driven by things that are fuzzy and/or squeak that she wants to play with. Whatever it is the kid’s toy will quickly be hers if she’s not watched. As long as a family is willing to spend some time working with her so that she knows what is and isn’t acceptable to play with she should be fine with the younger ones.

With all that being said she is a very affectionate girl that enjoys being a shadow to her humans. When she feels you aren’t paying enough attention she’s happy to come over and put her head in your lap to keep you up to date on her pets. If you prefer the Velcro type of hound, then she’s definitely you’re gal. And if there is a chance at food she is more than happy to show off the commands she learned in prison. She’d be great for an active family or someone looking for a more energetic hound. It’s been enjoyable to have her as a foster, and for those that meet her in person she’s quick to melt their hearts.

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