JD Sandy Mac

In Foster Home Prison Dog
Pet Name: Mac
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Birthday: November 14, 2015
Sire: Hi Noon Hero
Dam: Flying Alloy
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Mac has retired after 68 races.  He has recently raced into AFG to find himself a retirement home.  Could Mac be the guy for you?

Hi my name is Mac. I am a laid back guy who likes walks, toys that squeak, and lots of pets. I’m very good on the leash, I don’t pull even if I see a squirrel. I REALLY like squeaky toys, but I don’t tear them up and usually just snuggle them after a few minutes so it’s not too annoying. Even though I love them, if you tell me “enough” or take it away I just pout quietly. I live with greyhounds and non-greyhounds and we get along great. Sometimes if they get close to me when I have food or am trying to sleep I give a little growl, but I never growl at people. I’m not a Velcro dog, but I am curious about what my people are doing and will take any opportunity to get affection. I love all humans, even strangers and little humans. I also live with four kitties. At first I was very curious about them and wanted them to play with me. But kitties make angry noises and slap you when they don’t want to play, so I pretty much ignore them now.

My foster family tells me I’m a good boy because I don’t go potty in the house or in my crate. I go in my crate for a treat and sit quietly in there until they come back. At first I slept in my crate at night too, and while I prefer not to do that, I won’t complain. I’m not allowed on the furniture while in foster care, but if you would let me on your couch or bed I would like it A LOT. I ride well in the car. I’m a pro at doing stairs. I understand “no” and “out” and “leave it” very well. It might be because went to the prison program. I remember lots of other tricks from there too: sit, shake, lay down, and stay.

I’m a pretty chill guy who just wants some love, to go for walks, and to sleep in a soft bed. I’d be happy in a home as the only pet, with other pets, and/or with little humans. So if you are looking for a gentle dog who likes pets, toys, and naps, I could be hound the hound for you.

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