JD Actress

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Actress
Gender: Female
Color: Brindle
Birthday: December 30, 2014
Sire: JD Titanium
Dam: AllisonRacinTeam
Cats: Correctable
Sponsor: For our fellow needlenoses in Allies for Greyhounds' care, from your Texas cousins, Duncan and Gigi.

Actress just retired to AFG after 80 races!  She does have a previous injury to one hock that has healed and she is using very well.  She is a new retiree we are still learning about.  Could Actress be the hound for you??

Actress has been in our home for 2 months now and is much less of a ‘whirlwind’. She is an absolute joy to have! There are 2 children, 2 dogs another grey and a chihuahua, 3 cats and usually one other foster dog in our home. She isn’t left alone for more than a few hours normally but has gone up to 6 hours on occasional weekends. She is a busy girl that thrives in chaos. She isn’t afraid of loud noises, kids running and playing doesn’t even phase her. She loves to be petted and lean into us for hugs. She isn’t as calm as the average greyhound but she is so fun! She is very excited and can be in your face. She is up and moving when things are going on but will eventually settle down and even lay down! If she hears us get up, a visitor or another dog playing she is up and ready to follow or join. Funny enough, she can lay down and take a nap in the middle of a busy kids party but doesn’t sit down once at a meet and greet! She does not get onto furniture or try to. She doesn’t usually sit or lay with us, if we crowd her space she will get up and move herself. She’s always up for petting and leaning in for hugs though. Her crate is her safe space and she always eats in it. She will lay in her open crate throughout the day but will try to avoid it if she knows we want to crate her and it’s not for feeding. She is not happy to be crated when we are home or if she decides it’s time to wake up overnight. Actress has done great on potty training, the longest she has been crated without an accident is 6 hours. She is absolutely wired after a 6 hour day crated! Actress has a fully healed hock injury but she is very dramatic with it and chooses to avoid using it. She doesn’t do as much running as other greys due to it and we believe it is why she is higher strung. She will toss toys, jump around and play on the floor with us to get that energy out! She will use her foot when it benefits her (like standing on her back legs to check out the counter) but she also lets it drag a little and will scrape it once in a while. We are just careful not to bump her foot. Actress is very interested in our small dog and cats. She zeroes in on them and can play too rough, especially if she’s already excited, but is redirect able. She does pursue if they run but corrects well with a ‘actress no’. She is never out of eyesight without a muzzle with our cats. If she is right by our side and we are able to stay on top of correction we do allow her to go without a muzzle around the cats. I would never leave her loose while gone with a small dog or cats. Actress would do best in a home with action, she would get bored, frustrated and destructive if she was crated for several hours and didn’t have a way to get her energy out. Another dog, kids or someone home a lot and willing to play would be best. Due to her foot she won’t be a long run or hike kind of gal. She is still working on leash walking to go for short walks. If you want a kid loving, best girl ever, ask about Actress! She will melt your heart when you look into her eyes.

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