High Fidelity

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Fidelity
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Birthday: April 2, 2015
Sire: Trent Lee
Dam: Mika
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: In loving memory of our sweet, beautiful boy, Kelsos Tribune.

Fidelity just retired to AFG after 145 heart pounding races!  He’s a new retiree here at AFG and we are still learning about him.  Could Fidelity be the hound that you are looking to share your home with?

Fidelity retired to AFG after a lengthy racing career. He has made a smooth transition from the racing kennel into the home environment. We have really been enjoying getting to know this good boy. If you are looking for a decorative couch potato that you can stick in the backyard from time to time, Fidelity is not your dog. Rather he will excel in a home that is able to keep him physically (ex: regular walks or other play/activities) and mentally (ex: training, establishing routines/boundaries) stimulated. If you ever thought you’d enjoy a regular walking buddy and enjoy doing basic training with your pets, or are seeking a pal with whom to start agility training as a hobby, this is your dog. He isn’t the right fit for everyone, but for the right home he will make a phenomenal pet.

Fidelity is absolutely thrilled with life’s daily pleasures, walks, meals, treats, toys, etc. That being said, he also lounges the day away in true greyhound fashion. Fidelity has a beautiful thick shiny coat, and the softest ears that he likes for you to rub. Fidelity is an attention hound, he LOVES to receive attention from you. He will position himself in front of you and ask for belly rubs. He’s also go some funny quirks that will keep your family amused, such as the fact that his tongue often hangs out of his mouth while he’s sleeping. He has also gotten really into hunting for bugs around the house recently. An 80 lb greyhound stalking and pouncing on a fly is a sight to see :). Check out his foster profile for more details. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind guy!

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