GEZ Spinningmove

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Moxie
Gender: Female
Color: White & Brindle
Birthday: March 21, 2016
Sire: Lonesome Cry
Dam: Kay Outlaw
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Moxie just retired to AFG after 39 races!  She’s a new retiree we are still learning about.  Could Moxie be the hound for you??

Moxie has been a blast to have around. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a foster as playful as her. When you first wake-up or get home she’s eager to play and loves to play bite, whether pulling on your shirt and nibbling at your hand (and the occasional nip in the butt). She’s on the bigger side for the girls, and with her personality she comes off as kind of a tomboy. When she does finally stop playing with toys she’ll keep you entertained with her roaching, her derps, or both. At times she can be a bit busy, but she keeps to herself playing with her toys. She’s blended well into our pack and she’s done great with our hounds. While she’ll do well in pretty much any home she’d likely thrive in a family home with kids given how playful she is. That being said anybody that provides a basket of toys and lots of attention will find a very loving hound.

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