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Pet Name: Otter
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Birthday: July 4, 2017
Sire: BD’s Grayson
Dam: Half Day Kitty
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Otter has just retired after 80 smashing races.  Otter’s Mother (Half Day Kitty)  and two of his brother found their home through AFG and Otter is hoping for the same luck! He had a previous injury to his right rear foot, but he’s healed up with use of the foot.  Otter is rarin’ to find a home of his own now.  Could this water duck be the hound that finds you?

Hello my name is Otter. Generally, I am a laid-back boy, however, once you get to know me I’ll show you my sassy goofy playful side. I have occasional adorable short bursts of excitement and wanting to play. But usually I’m napping quietly in bed or chewing a bone. After we have established the you pet me and I get pets relationship, I’m very affectionate. I really like to be pet and give kisses and snuggles, but I’m not needy and don’t want to bother you so you may have to initiate at first. I would also really like to get on the sofa and snuggle you, but if you aren’t into that I’m okay sticking with my doggie bed I guess. I like toys and will toss them and chase them by myself. I also love to chase a ball in the yard, I have not quite figured out bring it back. I like to go for walks, chew on bones, and get ear scritches.
I’m a well-mannered boy. I don’t go potty in the house or try to eat your stuff. I really like to play with soft things like blankets and clothes so I might need some supervision with them so I don’t make any holes. I am good at the stairs. I have no problems with wood floors. I don’t mind if you clean my ears, cut my nails, or brush my teeth. I ride well in the car. I don’t mind being in the crate, I go right in and lay down when you leave. I sleep in a crate in the people bedroom at night. I would prefer the doggie bed, but I am okay with whatever. I’ve learned what leave it, crate, go lay down, off, and out mean. Even if I do something that you don’t like by mistake if you tell me NO (or really give me a stern voice at all), I will stop right away. I’m a confident boy, loud noises, strangers, and new situations don’t bother me at all. I’m up for anything. While I do like to romp in the yard occasionally, I would be okay with a leash walk home because I don’t mind doing my business on a leash. I’m also a quiet boy so apartment life would be okay for me.
My foster home has a big pack of greyhounds and non-greyhounds, and we are all great friends. I play with the dogs sometimes and like to do short zoomies with them. I like the other dogs, but I’m an independent guy so I would be happy with dog friends or as an only dog. Some cats live here too, but I mostly ignore them. Some of the cats like me and I will give them a hello sniff occasionally, but I completely avoid the ones that make the angry noises. I don’t live with any little humans, but I do like them. I like them to snuggle me and give me gentle pets. I’m pretty go with the flow so I’m open to most roommates.

If you want a new friend who is generally pretty easy, but also a little quirky. I may be the hound for you.

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