FF North Denver

In Foster Home Prison Dog
Pet Name: Bronco
Gender: Male
Color: Red
Birthday: October 14, 2019
Sire: Elway Drive
Dam: Backwood Cameron
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsored by Brooke, Kyle and Hardie O'Meara (JT's Hard Headed)

Bronco has come into retirement with 17 races to his name.  He is still new to us here at AFG and we are getting to know him better.  Could this steady paced red head be the one for you?

Hi my name is Bronco! 

I’m an outgoing guy who loves to be on the go and play. I love meeting new people and dogs. I like to go for walks (I’m good on the leash), play with toys, and go on adventures. I’m a very affectionate boy and like to be near my people all the time. I love to give kisses and snuggle. I probably got all A’s in the prison program because I am very good with my commands. It’s probably because I’m both a people pleaser and I LOVE food. I’d probably do anything if it both makes you happy and results in a treat. I will need a slow feeder in my new home. I love to chew bones and play with soft toys (sometimes I’m too rough with them). I love water and taking a dip in the doggie pool. I’m an active boy looking for an active family. I’m going to need some regular exercise and play time with toys to keep me busy or I might get into some mischief. I have a bit more energy than the average greyhound but if you find ways to keep my mind and body busy, I’m a good boy.  

I love to play with any dog. Greyhound or not I just love to play. Another dog might help drain some of my energy, but I would be okay as an only dog too. I get along with all the dogs great. I do sometimes get a little growly when I don’t want to share food so I should probably eat in my crate or away from other dogs, but otherwise I do well. I don’t mind if people touch my food or things. I also live with some kitties. I mostly ignore them because they don’t really want anything to do with me. I also really love pets and love from little humans. I still jump up a little when I get really excited so I might need some practice with tiny humans. I sometimes forget not everyone wants a greyhound hug.  

I am a very good boy. I know all my prison commands: sit, down, leave it, and heel. I also know how to go “out” of a room and “go lay down” in a bed. I don’t mind if you trim my nails, brush my teeth, or clean my ears. I am amazing in the car. I jump right in and lay down quietly. I go right into my crate (especially if there is a little treat). I do cry in the crate and sometimes if you leave the room and I can’t follow you, but if you give me a firm “NO” or “QUIET” I will typically stop. I’m perfectly fine after a few minutes and it’s probably good for me to be left alone regularly so I stay used to it. I only go potty outside. I’m great on smooth floors and on stairs. I would do best in a home with firm consistent rules and plenty of exercise. When I have those things, I am an amazing dog.  

Are you looking for a fun loving, outgoing, spunky good boy to join you on adventures? I might be the hound for you.  

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