Escape Goat

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Goat
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Birthday: April 26, 2018
Sire: Kiowa Mon Manny
Dam: Kiowa Assembly
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsored by your half-brother Go Lucky Adam (Adam).

Goat has recently banged into retirement with no races to his credit.  Goat has come to AFG with his littermate Ghost, that is also here at AFG.  He’s a new boy we are getting to know him a little bit better while he is here.  Could this fella be the one for you?

Goat is such a neat little dude! He’s not even two yet so he is still very puppy like. He’s a nervous boy in the beginning but quickly adapts and then lets his silly little personality shine! He runs around the house on his “twinkle toes” as he always moves at a fast pace and with very tiny little steps. It’s so cute! He’s also a smiler! So he always comes up to greet you with his toothy grin! See attempted pictures to capture this below 😉 Once he gets comfortable, which doesn’t take long, he’s a happy playful puppy boy! Being that he’s still young he does have a lot of puppy tendencies and likes to attempt to do things he’s not suppose to do as all puppies do of course. But with close monitoring he corrects very well and just wants to please you. He makes me laugh all the time and if you’re looking for a little goofy guy of your own look no further than Goat!

Escape Goat Foster Profile

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