Doctor No

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Doc
Gender: Male
Color: Brindle
Birthday: 03/01/2014
Sire: KC And All
Dam: Windy Star
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: For all the greys in Allies for Greyhounds care, from your Texas cousins, Duncan and Gigi.

Doc has just retired to AFG after only 3 races.  Doc can have moments of shyness but LOVES to be petted.  Once you start petting him don’t expect him to ever want you to stop.

What a sweet and loving boy. He will need a patient home allowing him time to reach his full potential. Every day with him is a joy to see him become more and more the boy I know he will become. We have multiple greys and he is learning from them to relax and enjoy. He will actually bury his head in your lap. Just today he was trying to stand so close to our daughter that he was practically in her lap.


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