DNT Magic Moment

In Foster Home Requires Fence
Pet Name: Shelley
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: September 2, 2019
Sire: Superior Panama
Dam: DNT Oh Maggie
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Paul and Amber: We are donating in memory of our beloved dog Boe who passed away yesterday. Boe was a good boy and he would of loved to share his toys and treats with all the dogs at Allies. He has forever left a mark on our hearts and especially with his adopted brother Quenn (formerly Slapshot Mike) who miss him dearly.

Shelley has decided to skip working all together and head into retirement young!   She is still new to us here at AFG and we are getting to know her better.  Shelley is a very shy little gal that will take some time to come into her own.  She will need another canine in the home to help show her what it’s all about.  Could this little flower be the one you help blossom?

Shelley is a true joy and love bug to have in her foster home! She shows her puppy side by playing with toys and jumping around excitedly when she sees the leash come out (she loves walks).
She can also be pretty reserved and skittish when meeting new people and entering new situations, but don’t let that fool you! She has a lot of love and spunk to add to anyone’s household.
Shelley loves playing with toys, both squeaky ones, and hard chew toys. She also likes going on walks, this was a very scary thing for her at first but after a few tries she figured out she loves them! This type of positive exposure to new experiences will continue to be helpful for Shelley so that she can see the world isn’t as spooky as she thought.
Shelley also prefers a fenced-in yard for pottying, after getting used to her foster home she will pee when on the leash but pooping is still a challenge and she prefers to have her privacy for this.
Shelley also loves playing in the yard with her foster sibling, so a fenced-in space is doubly advantageous for her!
Because of Shelley’s skittish nature, she would prefer to have a second (or more) confident dog in the household for her to get her social cues from. She does well when she can “disappear” into a pack and then approach situations or people at her own pace. She currently lives with one greyhound in her foster home and does well there, but she has also stayed the weekend at other foster homes with much larger packs and done very well there!
She also lives with two cats in her foster home and has done very well adjusting to living with her smaller companions.
She would also prefer a home without smaller human companions as their hustle and bustle can be very unnerving.
Life will never be boring with little Shelley in your home, she may take more time, in the beginning, to settle in but she’s well worth the effort.

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