DC Sweet Charity

In Foster Home No Cats
Pet Name: Charity
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: November 24, 2013
Sire: Yahoo Omar
Dam: Token Lady A
Cats: Not Cat Safe
Sponsor: Sponsored by Katey, Eric, and Seth

Charity was just recently returned and retired to AFG in 2018 after 111 races!  Charity can sometimes have space issues and need a family that will respect her space.  Could you be the special home Charity is looking for??

Charity has been back in foster care in our home for 3 months now and is doing great! She is a very well mannered dog and has gotten along well with the other greyhounds we own and foster. There have been up to 5 other dogs in our house while she has been here. She has not shown any space issues since she has been here, but we do continue to keep her off the furniture and she minds this rule very well and no longer attempts to get out the beds or couches. She is very happy and content to be laying on a nice, soft dog bed. Charity continues to like to velcro herself on humans, leaning against the back of your legs or on your body when you kneel down next to her. She has not shown any aggression to us or the other dogs. She will give kisses and when she is laying down we lay to the side of her. She will move close to you, push her paws on you and act goofy when she wants more petting. If she does not feel like being petted she then she may lick her lips a bit and just move her head away. She loves her toys and will run around with them or throw them up in the air. She has a loving personality and can be a bit of a goofball too.

 Don’t want a dog to be on your furniture? Well that would be Miss Charity! To avoid causing any problems related to her space issues, Charity is not allowed on the human couch or bed. When she first returned to foster care, she did try to get on the couch a few times, but she was easily redirected to a nice, comfy dog bed and seems quite content with that and has not tried to get onr couches or bed for weeks. Another reason to keep her off of the furniture, is that Charity may have exhibited some sleep startle in the past although we have not seen that in foster care. She is a very DEEP sleeper. We have never heard a greyhound snore so loud! So anytime we are about to approach her or walk near her, we call her name first and make sure she is awake before touching her.

Charity gets her teeth brushed regularly and she tolerates this very well. She is also used to getting her ears cleaned because they do tend to get a bit dirty. For precautionary purposes, her muzzle can be used while doing this. She does well with getting her nails trimmed at the groomers and like with our other hounds, we have the muzzle on her for that.

Charity really is a super sweet, happy girl her loves to be with her humans, but her adoptive family will need to be willing to follow the guidelines described here.

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