DC Pitch A Fit

In Foster Home Requires Fence
Pet Name: Ella
Gender: Female
Color: Red & White
Birthday: May 13, 2016
Sire: NMS Sweet Thing
Dam: Ale Star Dancer
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Ella just retired to AFG with 1 race to her credit.  She will need a quiet home with another dog to help her come out of her shell. Ella is a very friendly, outgoing, playful dog once she is given time to get used to new people and situations. She responds well to an enthusiastic tone and praise to help her build confidence. She usually is shy, avoidant and skittish in new situations and with new people. Allowing her time to come up to new people and treats are usually helpful in winning her over, but it does take time. She is usually more interested in playing than cuddling once she gets comfortable with someone. She does love to smile and give kisses. She loves playing with toys that squeak and throwing them up in the air. Ella does not like dogs in her face when she is being introduced to new ones and will growl, but given time, she does enjoy playing with my greyhounds and running around with them in the yard. She can shy away from cars going by on the street and people she encounters so it would be best to walk her with a harness and the recommended grip on the leash in case she tries to bolt away.

Ella has adapted very well to retirement life over the past several weeks in her foster care home. She is a very happy, bubbly girl. She is still quite the puppy at just 2 years old and does enjoy playing with her toys and running around the yard. She also loves walks. She is well behaved on a leash and does not pull, but sometimes likes to lean on her foster mom’s leg when walking by other people, dogs or noisy situations she is unsure about. She has not tried to bolt, but she is still walked with a harness as a precautionary measure. She tends not to potty much on lead and would likely do best with a home that has a fenced in yard to do her business as she does normally potty right away when she is let out. Ella remains a bit reserved at meet and greets and in new environments, but is not near as shy and is going up to people, including men. She loves playing with the other young greyhound in the house and has seemed to do well with other breeds of dogs she has seen at pet stores. She became real buddies with a pug that visited and stayed with us for a week.   Ella will do best with another dog in the house with her. 


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