Craigie Gator

In Foster Home No Children
Pet Name: Gator
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Birthday: 05/30/2016
Sire: KC And All
Dam: Delightful Mary
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Jeff and Carol Vegter

Gator was born and raised in Abilene Kansas! He moved to Michigan on September 4th. His big brothers Craigie Atticus and Craigie Gunsmoke also came through Allies for Greyhounds and Gator is currently being fostered in the same home Craigie Gunsmoke lives in. Gator was not fast enough to make the racetrack, so he was sent into a early retirement. He is going to need a family that is willing to give him the time he needs to come out of his shell. He is usually very shy of new people/situations and will usually try to remove himself from it if possible. He’s been worked a lot outside on leash and does quite well for the most part, but is still very attentive to his surroundings at all times. He has recently been allowed to be off leash in a 4′ fenced in yard with 4 other greyhounds and he LOVES to run around and play with them. He crates well and actually prefers his crate door to be open even when he’s loose in the house because that is his go-to safe place. He enjoys napping and shredding stuffed toys up. Due to his shy nature, he would do best in a home without young children. He lives with 2 cats and does great with them.

***Although Gator appears to be perfectly healthy there have been two seizure dogs reported in this bloodline and we want any future adopters to be aware of that.  There is no way to predict if he will every suffer from seizures but there is always a possibility.***

Craigie Gator Foster Profile