Char Hicks

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Hicks
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: November 1, 2016
Sire: Defrim Bale
Dam: PK's Party Girl
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Hicks has come into retirement with 136 sand pounding races around the oval of Palm Beach.  She is still to us here at AFG and we are getting to know each other better.  Could this Florida beach bunny be the one for you?

Miss Char Hicks is a greyhound that craves love!  This girl loves as much as she can get of: petting, belly rubs and ear scratches.  She understands that love must be shared with multiple hounds, but feels she needs the lions share because after all she is “Char Hicks” the accomplished racer.  Even though she loves to be the center of attention,  she quickly falls into the routine with the other hounds and has never had an accident inside the house.  Hicks has strong visible signs that it’s time for a break outside.  She crates fabulously and has even mastered the art of roaching in the crate.  We generally crate her along side of someone so she is not alone in the room. She does not get up on furniture but does like to sleep in our bedroom at night and be where the people are. She will be your shadow and if you get up she will be one step behind you. She is a bit of a princess and snubs her nose at Milk Bones, but goes for the more select choices….wouldn’t you if you thought yourself a princess 🙂   She is a delicate eater often likes to eat in privacy or in an area that is not competitive.  For a little lady with a bigger than life personality, she will be a natural leader in a home with other dogs that will not challenge her and let her shine.  Her human family will have to set some boundaries for her or Hicks will be making the rules….and hounds in charge; its all about naps and food.  

Could this life of the party be the one to take you on an adventure?

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