C Ville Konrad

In Foster Home No Cats Prison Dog
Pet Name: Konrad
Gender: Male
Color: Dark Brindle
Birthday: April 3, 2014
Sire: Flying Coal City
Dam: Kristen Uhl
Cats: Not Cat Safe
Sponsor: For our fellow needlenoses awaiting their forever homes, from your Texas cousins Duncan and Gigi (and their parents Dave Gillen and Lois Teed-Gillen).

Konrad has recently been returned to AFG.  We have discovered that Konrad likes children, but is not that fond of them in his space.  Konrad retired to AFG in 2018 after 105 races and after graduating from The Greyhound Inmate Experience!  Could this quirky pop tart be the companion you are looking for?

We’ve had Konrad in our home for a while now, and since he’s been with us his personality has really come through. Even though he forgets that he’s a greyhound from time to time (he thinks he’s a guard dog), he’s a quirky and really fun guy to have around the house. He’s a confident guy, super friendly & playful, and gets along with everyone really well. He loves to be around his humans, but doesn’t have to be in your face all the time. This doesn’t mean he isn’t shy at coming up and burying his head against you for some love.

He does great with everyone, but he will need people that understand when he needs his space. Konrad is the type that loves to get close to you for love on his terms, but sitting down next to him can make him a little uncomfortable (so no furniture for him). It’s only because of this, and that he can play rough at times, that we recommend a home with slightly older kids. At the meet & greets he’s always done great with the kids and is happy to go up to them for attention.

Konrad can be a bit vocal from time to time. He’s always super excited to know that your home and is happy to tell you all about it. He does believe that he’s a guard dog. We haven’t had many fosters that tend to grunt/grumble/bark when they hear something outside, but he does. He’ll back off and stop once we convince him that we’re not under attack from the Russians. If there ever was an intruder he’d still greet them with a wagging tail, though, so that’s where his guard dog duties come to an end. Since he can be more vocal it would probably be better for him to avoid apartments. Out in public he also tends to let you know that he sees other dogs, but once again trying to tell you all about it. On the cute side of being vocal, it isn’t uncommon for him to cry or grumble to get your attention and let you know he is currently accepting pets. He’ll also worm/wiggle his way over to get closer to you if needed (because standing up and moving is too much work).

Admittedly he was one of those fosters that came into our home and we weren’t so sure what we were getting into, but over time we’ve come to love the big doof and all his quirks. Because he is a bit of an oddball he tends to get overlooked, but he really is an awesome boy that will give you years of love and entertainment.  

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