BS Little John

In Foster Home
Pet Name: John
Gender: Male
Color: Red Fawn
Birthday: June 2, 2016
Sire: Flying Hydrogen
Dam: BS Hip Hop
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

John just retired to AFG after 23 races.  He’s a new retiree we are still learning about.  Could John be the hound for you??

John is an extremely happy hound. He loves toys, walking, and visiting pet stores where all his friends are. He is not shy about crawling on a bed another dog is already in and sharing it. He thinks everyone is his friend. He is a little shy around cats and will sometimes hide behind me if one of the cats looks at him too long but does steal the occasional sniff when they aren’t looking in his direction. He loves being talked to and will insert himself to be pet. He has a huge toothy smile when you talk sweet to him ( it looks a little like he is snarling but he’s smiling big). He is pretty laid back for being a younger dog but does get super excited when you first come home or grab a leash. He hasn’t found his potty voice yet but we have been trying to train with bells. He will respond to “ do you have to go potty?” but can’t figure out how to tell you without asking yet. He loves zoomies in the back yard. He is extremely intelligent and picks up on things pretty fast. This can be a bad thing if he knows where the treats are kept. He has figured out how to open drawers and cabinet doors so some child proofing might be in order. He will make someone an amazing pet.

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