Broadway PT

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Irving
Gender: Male
Color: Black Brindle
Birthday: June 16, 2016
Sire: KC and All
Dam: Evergreen Valley
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Iriving has come into retirement with 104 star exploding races.  He is still new to us here at AFG and we are getting to know him better.  Could this handsome fella be the one for you?

Irving is a super sweet boy who has adjusted quickly to retirement life in his foster home. The first few days, he was here he paced and whined a bit as he tried to figure things out and settle in. I gave him a treat and some time in his crate and that tended to calm him down as well as just being patient. After a couple of days, he was acclimated to the routine here. He loves to play with toys especially squeaky ones. He also has a great time running around our big yard with our other greyhounds. He has played very well with them, who are all females. Irving has house trained quickly and has very good manners. He has sniffed at food on the table, but has easily corrected to leave it alone and has not attempted to jump on the counters or kitchen table. He has also not jumped on humans. When Irving gets excited, he likes to give kisses. Once in awhile he gets a little carried away and will nibble a bit and will take your hand in his mouth. He does not bite and is not being aggressive, and corrects easily.  Irving has some crusty skin on the top of his nose and around the edges of some of his paw pads under his nails. This does not appear to bother him or affect how he walks. His foster mom has been applying a moisturizing balm to help soften skin.  He has a very upbeat disposition and is happy to snuggle his big head in your lap and have his ears and neck scratched. He is also a big leaner. He is not a velcro dog though. He is happy to be around humans, but he is okay being by himself too. In the afternoon when I let him out of his crate and I’m still working, he will often go lay in another room and nap away. Irving is a wonderful boy who likes a balance of being active, but enjoying chilling too.

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