Bo’s Lucas

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Lucas
Gender: Male
Color: Red Brindle
Birthday: September 24, 2019
Sire: RT's Bo Jangles
Dam: Penrose Talia
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Joanie says returns are the best!

Lucas retired to AFG in 2021 and was adopted shortly after.  He was recently returned and is looking for a new forever home!  Could that be your home??

Lucas is the definition of laidback. He is a very sweet, loving boy who will stand in front of you for hours to get pets. If you tell him that you’re too busy, he will go lay down, but give you his patented puppy dog eyes.

Lucas has been perfect with our cats and other dogs. He doesn’t necessarily want to play with them but is fine doing his own thing. He much prefers his humans to other animals, but is willing to share his space with them if they insist. He’s not much one for toys either, preferring human affection to toys.

Lucas is laidback but comes out of his shell a bit after a few days. He likes to go on walks and is good on leash. He is altogether extremely well-behaved. He is great in his crate and loves to lounge on dog beds for the rest of the day. He is not the best on hardwood floors but does want to please, so tries really hard to get over it.

Lucas is an all around great boy. If you’re looking for a couch/dog bed potato who you can give all the pets to, he might be the one for you!

Bo’s Lucas Foster Profile

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