Boc’s Headn Home

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Hattie
Gender: Female
Color: Black & White
Birthday: 03/07/2014
Sire: Djays Octane
Dam: UCME By A Mile
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: in honor of Hodor, also sired by Djays Octane

Hattie has recently been returned to AFG and is looking for a new family to better fit her personality.  Hattie is a sweet and spunky gal that would do best in a house with another dog that is very low key.  This queen doesn’t much care for being part of a large pack, she likes the individual attention. 🙂  Could you be the forever family for Hattie??

Hattie is a sweet girl who is full of adventure. She loves going for car rides and walks and is always the first hound to initiate a game of tag. Hattie was returned and has been in our foster home for 3 months. She has not shown any aggressive behavior toward our hounds, small dog or cat. In fact, she can often be caught sleeping with the cat and willingly shares a dog bed with another pet. Hattie can annoy other dogs with her excessive excitement, but gets the message quick if they are done with her shenanigans. She loves the companionship of the other pets and follows them everywhere. Hattie loves to curl up on the couch during a movie and get some extra needed attention. Sometimes she sneaks in our bed at night just for the closeness. She is a sweet girl.




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