Boc’s Dontmindme

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Pet Name: Minde
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: February 16, 2015
Sire: Killer Dare
Dam: Boc's Coleena
Cats: Not Cat Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

After a whopping 195 races, Minde turned in her silk.  She is still new to AFG and we are getting to know her better.  Could the marvelous Minde be the one for you?

The most common comment we get about Minde is how she is “such a sweet girl.” We have been fostering her for 2 months and love her to pieces. She has a good mix of cute, yet sassy personality. She might just stare at you while you try to coax her over, or she will quickly trot over awaiting a full cuddle and rubbing session. It’s up to Minde.
She LOVES going for walks – on hiking trails, around parks, down busy city streets. When the weather isn’t unbearably hot, she can easily walk 6 miles a day. Occasionally we run with her, but she can only jog so far (.5-1 mi) before she wants to walk again. At least once a week she needs to go to a fenced in area to run off leash after her squeaky ball. She starts to get antsy in the house, and you know it’s time to run her.
She is pretty attached to her feeding schedule, but can be pretty flexible with bed and waking time. As long as she gets breakfast and dinner, her morning walk can be pushed out or she can stay up with friends around the bonfire until very late with no complaints.
She loves being the center of attention, and can sometimes get defensive around other dogs. She definitely always wants to be the alpha. Although, we found that as long as she is off leash and able to run away if she gets uncomfortable (dog park/baseball diamond) she is alright with most other dogs, and believe it is something that can be worked on.
She definitely has some anxiety. She gets worked up in a busy house with lots of commotion. If she knows there are people outside or upstairs, or a child running around, she doesn’t really allow herself to relax. In our relatively calm, city apartment, however, she sleeps all day after her morning and evening walks.
Minde is a great and loving dog with many cute and sassy quirks. We hope she is the perfect dog for you!


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