AMF Sassy Luna

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Luna
Gender: Female
Color: Red
Birthday: December 25, 2017
Sire: Djays Octane
Dam: AMF Sassy Lexi
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: in honor of Hodor, also sired by Djays Octane

Luna recently retired with 14 trips around the oval.  She is still new here to AFG and we are getting to know her better.  Could this shining star be the one for you?

My name is Luna, I’m an easy going, happy gal. I do get a little excited and playful when fun things happen like someone gets home, dinner time, or going for a walk. I’m very curious about new things and am not timid about anything. I’m not afraid of any loud noises and am not bothered at all with new situations. I don’t understand why they don’t pet me, but I’m interested in strangers when we see them on walks. When I first got into foster care, I was very unsure and pretended to be shy. But after a week or so, my playful, affectionate, quirky side started to come out. I have become more and more outgoing and affectionate every day. Now I like to snuggle with my foster parents, chatter when I get love, and I have even started to give kisses. So if I seem a little shy at first, I just need some time.

I have very good manners and am very gentle. I get along great with the other animals in the house. I like hanging out with both the greyhounds and other dogs. I like to do zoomies with the greyhounds and I often snuggle with my one of my foster brothers. I really like to play with him and have started to play with the lab mix too. I also live with four kitties. While I usually ignore them, sometimes I will approach them and give them a little gentle sniff. Sometimes they like to rub on me or sniff me too, I don’t mind. Even though I’m a real sweetie, I’m no push over. If one of the other dogs plays too rough or snuggles more than I like, I will let them know. While we are best friends now, it took me a week or so to warm up to the other pets. So I might need a little time to warm up to new friends, both pets or little humans. I have no issues with space or food. I don’t mind if adults do anything with me, even while I’m on my bed. I’m good about having my nails trimmed, teeth brushed, or being led by the collar. I’m very good at stairs now. I’m a very good girl in my kennel except when I know it might be time to get out (after dinner or when you get home). Sometimes I fuss a little. I sleep in a kennel at night in the bedroom and go right in it when we all go to bed. I recently learned, that while the 10 ft pathway from the living room to the back door has been okay in my foster home, I’m a little concerned about hardwood floors. I am a smart and brave girl so if you are willing to work with me and start out with some mats I’m sure I could figure it out. My foster parents have been practicing with me every day. They are trying to bribe me with “treats” but I’m a little picky.

One of my favorite things is playing in the yard with the dogs. I think I would be okay in a home without other dogs if someone played with me. But I‘d be a great dog friend, even if it’s not a greyhound. Any other dog, even a little human would be okay. I’m pretty go with the flow so if you have active pets who want to play I’m in, but if you have a calm house I’ll just be chill. I also really like playing with toys and chewing bones. I do have blonde moments when I forget what I can and cannot chew or play with, but I’ve gotten a lot better. If you tell me NO or drop it I always will. I also really like going for walks. I like to walk at the end of my leash (especially at the start), but I rarely pull. I might pull a tiny bit if I see a birdy or squirrel. I do great on the double leash.

So if you want mellow girl who can be a little playful, and loves everyone (eventually), I might be the girl for you.

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