AMF Graciously

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Dara
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: June 11, 2020
Sire: Dundee Osprey
Dam: AMF Lady Grace
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Dara has come into retirement with 5 races to her silk. Dara is a shy girl who would most likely do best with another dog in the home to lead the way.  Could this dark haired beauty be the one for you?

Dara is a one of a kind greyhound! Dara LOVES her toys of all types. She will collect them, squeak them, chew on them, toss them around- she just wants to play! She also loves the other animals in the house, trying to get everyone else to play with her as well, whether it be cat, dog, or human. She would likely benefit from another hound, although it might not be mandatory. She will play in her kennel at night, too, as we’ve woken up to her tossing her blankets around (not chewing them- just tossing them). She’s very quiet about it though- she always wants to be a good girl.

Dara is an affectionate little girl but takes some time to warm up to you. She will come up to you and give little kisses and take all of the pets, but she is nervous about it. If you move quickly or have something weird (like a basket or a bookmark), she doesn’t know what to think and will run away but will come up minutes later for some more love. She is a little apprehensive with new situations, such as getting into a new crate for the first time or going to a new place, but she will look to her person or other animals for guidance. She really wants to do what her people want her to do- she will try if she thinks it will make you happy and will be very excited if she does something right. It takes very little to correct her- a small snap will get her to stop.

Dara is a bouncy little girl who loves to play but also loves to be with her people. She will entertain herself for hours and then come up for kisses if you call her over. If you’re willing to give her a little time and space to settle in, Dara will reward you with being the goodest girl!

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