AFG Ross Gellar

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Ross
Gender: Male
Color: White & Brindle
Birthday: April 25, 2018
Sire: Superior Panama
Dam: AMF Permeate
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Midland friends Pat and Roland

Ross recently arrived to AFG with no races to his credit. He’s a young lad that is still new to us at AFG and we are getting to know him better.    Could Ross be the squishy marshmallow that you are looking for?

Ross is an attention-loving two-year-old boy. He would like nothing more than to crawl up onto your lap and hug you all day. If you’re sitting down, he will try to sneak onto your lap, starting with one paw at a time. If you’re on the floor, he will drape himself over you. He is not allowed on the couch but I can imagine that all he wants is to lay on you and cuddle. He is a big teddy bear and doesn’t realize his size. This means that he can be clumsy at points. While he loves attention, he doesn’t need to be glued to your side all the time and can be happy just laying in his bed sleeping.

Ross is very dog and cat friendly. He likes to play with both dogs and cats and enjoys running around in the yard. He frequently tries to give toys to the other dogs and cats to play with him. He seems to enjoy playing fetch and likes to entertain himself by collecting and playing with toys, although he would love his humans to play with him as well.

Ross is not very food-driven but seems to enjoy affection more. Sometimes he can be stubborn if he doesn’t want to do something, but that can be worked through with some persistence and praise. He is still a young boy and is learning his household manners but is very easygoing. This affectionate and playful boy will steal your heart!

AFG Ross Gellar Foster Profile